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- The world didn't end...
- No, it didn't... "Millenium"
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А я играю в жизнь (с)
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Джилл шикарна в любом возрасте и образе

Истина, которую мы ищем, не имеет ни прошлого , ни будущего. Она есть, и ей этого достаточно.
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бутоны сильно набухли!!!
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А я не устану повторять, что с годами Джи только расцветает... ах!...
I don't understand a God that would allow us to meet when there's no way for us to be together "City of Angels"
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вредная зайка
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Да, всё хорошеет!Красавица!
Возможно, в этом мире ты всего лишь человек, но для кого-то ты - весь мир.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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где-то во Вселенной
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Джиллиан действительно очень красивая Больше всего мне она нравится в вечерних платьях, они ей очень идут
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А я играю в жизнь (с)
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самая прекрасная женщина


Истина, которую мы ищем, не имеет ни прошлого , ни будущего. Она есть, и ей этого достаточно.
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жить в твоей голове
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- The world didn't end...
- No, it didn't... "Millenium"
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Lost in the Universe
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Какая прелесть все эти фотографии! Спасибо!
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Red face

Aвтор myutopia

Picspam: Gillian Anderson & Jon Stewart in 'Playing by Heart' (1998)

BOSCO: Meet the architect.
TRENT: Are you sure you're okay?
MEREDITH: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you.
BOSCO: If I can just find one, 'Theater Week' is on me.
TRENT: And dinner is on me.

MEREDITH: Look, I'm not gonna sue you, okay?
TRENT: I didn't think you were gonna sue me.
MEREDITH: Not that I couldn't, mind you. But something tells me that you'd be able to convince the jury that this was my fault.
TRENT: You know, I'm not just asking you to dinner as a preemptive strike against litigation. I'm asking because...
MEREDITH I'll have dinner with you.
TRENT: What changed your mind?
MEREDITH: Anybody who can say "preemptive strike against litigation" with a straight face deserves a dinner companion.

TRENT: l, uh divorced four chilling years ago.
MEREDITH: Acrimonious?
TRENT: No. Oh, wait, that means hostile and bitter. Yes. In the divorce papers she referred to me
as the "architect of her misfortune."

MEREDITH: I think you can tell that I'm not very good at this.
TRENT: You're charming. And real. Lovely.

MEREDITH: Before I came here tonight, I was discussing you with my sister. We were coming up with a psychological profile. Several, actually.
TRENT: And which did I fit into?
MEREDITH: Oh, none. I think I'm gonna have to revise the filing system. Put you in the "too good to be true" category. Mmm. But not to worry. I just know you'll turn out to be involved with somebody else or gay or crazy.
TRENT: Well, it's a definite possibility.
MEREDITH: Crazy, huh?
TRENT: Certifiable.

TRENT: I hope it's okay for me to say this, but... you strike me as someone who's been... burned romantically.
MEREDITH: Scalded. Repeatedly.

MEREDITH: This is, uh, going a little too quickly for me.
TRENT: I can go slow.
MEREDITH: Look, Trent, you're a nice guy. l...
TRENT: Aw! Aw. That's... You know?
TRENT: I'm swimming ashore. You can call the Coast Guard.
MEREDITH: Oh, come on.
TRENT: "Nice guy"? That's... I haven't been dismissed with that since high school. Does that mean no second date?

MEREDITH: I'll tell you what I don't want. I don't want all of this calculated artificiality. This isn't me, Trent... this dress, the stupid little bows in my hair. And look at you. I mean, I don't imagine you sit around your house in an Armani suit. Do you?
TRENT: No. My house is black-tie.

MEREDITH: Look, Trent... if by some miracle, after this explosion of neuroses... you still want to see me, we can start from the top.
TRENT: You can cook dinner for me Tuesday.
TRENT: Good.
MEREDITH: Tuesday.
TRENT: Yeah.
MEREDITH: You can come to my apartment.
TRENT: Okay.
MEREDITH: Meet my better half.
TRENT: Better half?
MEREDITH: Yeah. My dog. Barley.
TRENT: Your dog Barley? That'd be great. I'd love to meet Barley.
TRENT: I'll bring the wine.
TRENT: Good. Tuesday night.
MEREDITH: Absolutely.
TRENT: You know, Meredith, those stupid little bows? I think they're adorable.

TRENT: Wow! That's a...
TRENT: That's some dog! That's, uh...
MEREDITH: Barley, get down, sweetie. Come on. Come on.
TRENT: Whoa.
MEREDITH My family has a thing for pets.
TRENT: Yeah. Oh. That's, uh... That's certainly impressive. Suddenly I'm feeling a little inadequate.

TRENT: Girls like their men with imagination?
MEREDITH: Yeah. It helps.
TRENT: You know, I'm told I have a good imagination.
MEREDITH: I don't want to have sex tonight.
TRENT: ... Okay.
MEREDITH: I mean if that's why you thought I invited you over here...
TRENT: I invited myself over here.
MEREDITH: Well, whatever.

MEREDITH: I mean, l... I'm sorry if I ruined your plans. That's all.
TRENT: I didn't have any plans! I just think... You know, you've got a few too many rules working for you... and way too many rules workin' against me! I really like you, but... This kind of thing is pissing me off.
MEREDITH: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

TRENT: All I said was I have a good imagination. I wasn't talking about sex. Really. I've had enough... meaningless sex. Mostly with women I didn't really like... and probably didn't really like me. Call me nuts, man, but l-- I like you. And... yeah, if something happens between us, sex will probably enter into it. But not until you break the brick wall down around yourself... and certainly not tonight.
MEREDITH: Are you finished?
TRENT: Yeah.
MEREDITH: I'll show you out.
TRENT: What!
MEREDITH: Look, this is exactly what I don't want.
TRENT: Somebody being straight with you?
MEREDITH: Yes! Yes, yes. You know what, Trent? I do not have the stamina for this. I don't.
TRENT: Meredith, we haven't even started anything.
MEREDITH: You know what? We're not going to. Because let me just jump ahead to the inevitable. Okay? We get together. You hurt me. It ends badly.
TRENT: That's a really depressing way to look at a fledgling relationship.
MEREDITH: Well, there's nothing fledgling about it. And honestly, that is the only viewpoint that I have.
TRENT: Then I feel sorry for you, Meredith, because I didn't come over here to hurt you.

TRENT: It was a good play.
MEREDITH: You mean before I deconstructed it?
TRENT: Uh, before and after. I'd say it was the perfect blend of Moliere and Meredith.
MEREDITH I'm glad you came.
TRENT: Last time we saw each other was a bit...
MEREDITH: Yeah, I know.
TRENT: It didn't quite go as I had hoped.
MEREDITH: You don't have to apologize.
TRENT: I'm not... apologizing. I didn't do anything wrong.
MEREDITH Oh, and I did, I suppose.
TRENT: Uh-huh. But I've decided not to let you get away with it. So, I'm inviting you to dinner... at my house. Tomorrow night, 8pm sharp. Don't bring your dog.

TRENT: We like the same merlot.
MEREDITH: It's actually the very same bottle that you brought to my house.
TRENT: Excellent.

MEREDITH: Trent... I have to tell you something.
TRENT: Oh, this doesn't begin with "Trent, you are a nice guy," does it?
TRENT: Whew.
MEREDITH: The problem I have with you...
TRENT: We have problems?
MEREDITH: The problem I have with you... is that I'm attracted to you.
TRENT: And that's a problem?
MEREDITH: It is for me.

MEREDITH: Gosh, this is so embarrassing.
TRENT: What? Don't be embarrassed.
MEREDITH: I don't deal with passion well.
TRENT: Maybe you don't like that loss of control. You prefer to be the director, telling everyone what to do.
MEREDITH: It's pretty painfully obvious, isn't it?
TRENT: Somewhat painful, yes. You know, there's something you'll find out about me.
MEREDITH: What's that?
TRENT: That I take direction pretty well.

TRENT: Yeah?
MEREDITH: You're gonna think what I'm about to say is really ridiculous.
TRENT: You're worried about Barley, and you want to go back to your place.
MEREDITH: Oh, my God. This is way fucking spooky!

MEREDITH: I think this is gonna work.

TRENT: Hey. How are you?
MEREDITH: I'm good. I was, uh... I was just calling in for my messages. What are you doing there?
TRENT: Oh, I, uh... I took Barley over to my house and I don't think he liked it. Actually, I'm sure he didn't like it. He peed all over my stuff. So... I came back here.
MEREDITH: I'm glad.
TRENT: How was everything where you are?
MEREDITH: In its own way, it was quite beautiful... Trent?
TRENT: Yeah?
MEREDITH: Is it too late to say l love you?
TRENT: It's early.

TRENT: She's coming back tomorrow. And then sleeping arrangements will definitely be revised.

GRACIE: I see what you mean.

TRENT: You know, I can't think of a better way to meet your family. Other than maybe ... dropping a bookshelf on their heads?


- The world didn't end...
- No, it didn't... "Millenium"
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Red face Автор luminary)))


Okay, it's officially the 9th here in the UK, so I thought I'd post this now because I probably won't have time later. This may seem excessive, but you have to understand that I've been in love with this woman since I was 12 years old. When you consider that I'm now 25, that's a long time. And yes, I am crazy and in serious need of a life. Anyways, DAMNIT GILLIAN HOW CAN YOU BE 42. STOP MAKING ME FEEL OLD.

01. She played one of the greatest fictional characters of all time. My favourite fictional character ever - Special Agent Dana Scully, MD. A character that taught a whole generation of women (and men!) that being intelligent, brave, loyal, and compassionate is sexy.

02. SHE'S SO RANDOM. Witness here, and here. GOD I LOVE HER. ♥

03. She has the most ridiculous laugh I've ever heard.

04. She does more charity work than tens of other celebrities put together. Go to her official site to check out and get involved with the charities that she's involved with.

05. She's the ultimate chameleon. She not only changes the way she looks, but the way she speaks and the whole way she carries herself from role to role. It's genuinely quite astonishing.

06. She comes across as being quite giggly and airheaded, but you can tell that there's a lot going on behind the flightly exterior. Anyone that can get as deeply into the heads of such a wide range of characters as she does has to be pretty damn intelligent.

07. She made out with Jon Stewart. What? That's it.

08. She slurs the letter S, and it's both the hottest and cutest thing ever. At the same time.

09. She puts her children before anything else in her life. She doesn't flaunt them about and use them as photo ops like other celebrities.

10. She's completely, ridiculously, stupidly hot. Seriously. The combination of the voice, the face, the body, the personality and the talent does something to me on a very base, sensual level.

11. She looks fucking flawless with ANY hair colour.

12. She chooses to live in England. YES SHE'S OURS NOW. SORRY.

13. She's insanely good at accents. Watch The Mightly Celt and be astounded at her Belfast drawl. Now that is talent.

14. She's so tiny that she had to stand on an apple box to get in the same frame as David Duchovny. OMG HOW ADORABLE. But at the same time, she was the perfect height to make out with the petite piece of man candy that is Jon Stewart in Playing by Heart. This makes me happier than it probably should.

15. She inspires people so much that a group of her fans set up a charity in her honor. Everyone, go donate whatever you can to IBG Inc ('Inspire, Believe, Give' - originally 'Inspired by Gillian') to benefit charities across the globe, including NF, Inc., UNICEF, Off The Street Kids, UCLA-Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center, Kids Defense Team, American Cancer Society, and many more.

16. She's her own person, she's no Hollywood sheeple that follows the crowd. She never bows to other people's expectations of her, and that's awesome.

17. She has the world's best mouth. You can keep your Angelina Jolie fish lips. THE SCULLY POUT, PEOPLE. THE SCULLY POUT.

18. She seems to have a rather unhealthy addiction to flip flops, of all things

19. She totally made out with David Letterman in the middle of an interview. AND THEN SHE DID IT AGAIN.

20. She's pretty much one of the most underrated working actors out there. Her performance in The House of Mirth is something I'll never forget, and I'll never get over. Maybe one day, the world will finally wake up and give her the dues that she deserves. Yes, I'm a fucking optimist okay?

21. She's responsible for countless young women questioning their sexuality in the 90s, and hell even now. AMIRITE?

22. She pretty much owned the internets back in the mid 90s. OH 90S HOW I LOVE THEE.

23. She played one half of the greatest duo/ship of all time - Mulder and Scully. ♥

24. She's on Simon Pegg's 'List of 10 People You're Allowed to Sleep With'. I love how Simon Pegg is basically me in male form.

25. She is responsible for some of the funniest bloopers mine eyes have ever seen.

26. She causes endless and hilarious debates on YouTube over her accent. People spazzing out over such a stupid thing amuses me.

27. She looked about 12 in the first season of The X-Files, which is both kinda disturbing and really adorable. BB!SCULLY. ♥

28. She randomly decided to lend her voice to a typically 90s piece of musical genius entitled Extremis, by Hal. And she somehow made it sound like soft core porn. I'm serious when I say that everyone must see this at least once before they die.. Yes, I used to own this single. I'M PROUD DAMNIT.


30. She's so beautiful that it's unreal. It's just... unreal.

31. She's not even remotely vain. You can tell that she hasn't even given a thought to what she's wearing half the time (lol occasional fashion failz ♥), and she's openly admitted to her hatred of such hindrances as hair brushes and mirrors. Have I mentioned that I love her?

32. She's a bullshit-free zone. She's remarkably candid and she never sugarcoats anything. I wish I were a little more like that sometimes.

33. She has an honest to God, big, open, heartwarming smile.

34. She got arrested on her graduation night for trying to jam the locks of her High School with glue, and had to spend the night in a jail cell. That is so brilliant, words fail me.

35. She makes pregnancy look like the sexiest damn thing ever.

36. She does (or at least she used to do) random things like this. UM WAT.

37. She has a voice that could melt butter. Seriously, it does things to me.

38.She is the undisputed champ of the bitchface. No one will ever top the levels of bitchface that this woman can attain. See: The X-Files (especially the episode Bad Blood), and Bleak House.

39. She would have chemistry with a coffee table. Honestly, she has chemistry with everyone. The chemistry with DD is a special, one of a kind thing, obviously. But she truly does.

40. She has funny kids. Piper became BFFs with the 'tree man' (a.k.a. the dude in makeup for the XF episode, Detour), attached herself to Sean Connery, and called Jon Stewart a dork. Oscar gets high on chocolate and runs around with three pairs of sunglasses on. And Felix looks 'more like Sir Winston Churchill than any baby ever has, and indeed more than Winston Churchill himself ever did.' HA.

41. She even manages to make blinking interesting. Honestly, you ask any hardcore Gillian fan and they'll tell you all about the blinking fails.



- The world didn't end...
- No, it didn't... "Millenium"
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